BoardActive was established in 2016, but the concept started four years ago when founder and CEO Doug Pittman was taking his son to Samford University in Birmingham, AL. Doug saw a beautiful billboard on the long drive and couldn’t remember the message after he had passed it. He debated on backtracking to see it again. Instantly he saw the need to connect the message on ad media to consumers that are intently focused on their smartphones. By linking ad media with the digital realm through BoardActive, out-of-home media companies and advertisers extend the value of static and dynamic media for everyone.

BoardActive is taking ad media to the next level. As an innovative technology, BoardActive provides increased engagement with tough-to-reach consumers for ad media companies and their advertisers.

By adding promotional offering capabilities to ad media the app connects smartphone users to the world around them. Using our geolocation technology you will never miss out on the perfect spot to eat, shop, or find the best coupons nearby. This app is simple and easy to use. Any smartphone user can view their favorite billboards through their customized news feed.

BoardActive extends the value of ad media by offering measurable analytics for advertisers as well as promotional capabilities to motivate consumers to seek out and interact with additional media content. BoardActive is bringing the billboard back.

The BoardActive team consists of founder and Chief Executive Officer, Doug Pittman and Danny Denton of the Herbert Legal Group as the Law Firm Investor Representative.

August 2016 Press Release