Advertisers have traditionally faced a number of issues with ad media (weather conditions, visibility issues, message limitation, lack of measurable analytics, etc.). By using BoardActive, you, the advertiser, can now reach consumers digitally with ad media. This technology combats these issues and makes ad media more effective.

The BoardActive app utilizes a geolocation technology that creates a feed of ad media within a 5-25 mile radius. You can now have your bad ass ad media's creative work show up on a users’ smartphone.

In addition to a new platform to display your creative work, you can now receive actually measurable analytics on the ad media. The BoardActive technology displays how many people click on the creative in their news feed, how many times a promotional offering has been used, how many users visited the website, and how much traffic went to any additional media content.

Consumers that want to revisit or interact with your advertisements are now able to respond to ad media quickly and safely. When consumers see ad media that they want to look at in-depth, they simply drop a pin in the BoardActive app and can revisit the advertisement when it is convenient to them.

When an app user clicks on your creative work, it displays the ad media image, and also gives them access to your campaign messages or any additional content you want. You can upload your full campaign content onto this one platform. Users can have access to everything such as address, phone number, website, promotional offerings, radio, commercials, and any additional media content you can think of (surveys, videos, etc.).

Because the BoardActive app preserves the ad media creative in the app feed, users can continuously interact with the advertisement and even the company itself. Whether consumers want to do some research on products or services, scavenge for promotional offerings, check out the company website, or give the company a call, BoardActive provides them with a single platform that is bound to advertisers’ ad media advertisements.
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