Four Tips To Get Your Clients A Clear Return On Marketing Investments

August 16, 2016

The growth of digital channels like Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter - AND NOW BOARDACTIVE can make it easy for brands to track how effectively you're’re spending ad dollars. With rich, detailed analytics, they can create and optimize a sales funnel from start to finish.

OOH to Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising has had to play catchup – brands often struggle to get the complete picture on how digital signage can convert distracted, passive audiences into paying customers. How do we know that people are engaging with DOOH messaging? Are they actually seeing the ads and stopping to look at them? Are they visiting the brand’s website, downloading their app, or buying their products? These are questions BoardActive can now answer.

For a long time, it wasn’t possible to create a true measurable sales funnel for out-of-home advertising. But as technology progresses and new tools become available, like BoardActive, we’re able to capture more data about the modern customer journey than ever before.

So how can you, as a OOH to Mobile DOOH BoardActive ad network, leverage this data to provide your clients a clear return on investment? Here are 4 tips to consider:

1. Track the whole customer journey by measuring impressions, dwell time, engagement, and conversions
Marketers are increasingly metrics-driven, so they’re wary of any channel that can’t provide a ROI that ties back to core business goals. So, here’s the good news: BoardActive DOOH analytics not only provides real-time, accurate figures on impressions, dwell times, and frequency of message exposure (including GRP), but it goes all the way down to conversions as well, making it easy to build a funnel and track your whole customer’s journey. Perhaps you’re trying to encourage people to download our app, visit your website, or connect to WiFi to redeem an offer – with BoardActive DOOH analytics, you can track these activities from start to finish, giving you more insight into how effective your out-of-home marketing efforts are than ever before.

2. A/B test creative to see what works
Real-time Mobile - digital signage analytics enable you to easily and quickly test different artwork to see what best helps you achieve your goals. Perhaps you’re interested in increasing dwell times or visits to your website – BoardActive DOOH analytics enables you to see which creative is more effective at keeping people interested, or inspiring them to check out your page. With access to this data, you can ensure that your full campaign roll-out will be as effective as possible, and you can help drive results for your clients in completely new ways.

3. Hyper-target your audience
Our Mobile - Digital signage analytics can help you segment your audience and deliver hyper-targeted, personalized, and relevant messaging to them. By determining what locations have a high impression frequency, your advertisers can then push specific messages to these locations and find a more receptive audience. For example, if consumers see advertisers messages at least 3 times in different locations and have a relatively long dwell time, you can deliver a unique, targeted message to these locations with a stronger call-to-action that helps drive conversion and interactions or sales. Access to such detailed, robust analytics helps you deliver a more personal, targeted message than ever before.

4. Keep things interesting
As an out-of-home media professional catering to advertisers, your focus is on delivering messaging that’s HAWT, fresh, and engaging. With our Mobile Digital signage analytics, you can track the frequency that people are exposed to the same message, and see what times they start to lose interest. This enables you to switch things up to keep them interested and engaged through to the end of your advertisers campaign.

Running a OOH to DOOH campaign soon? Make sure you’re using BoardActive and tracking all of the relevant metrics, from impressions and dwell times to frequency and conversions. Your clients – and your audience – will reward YOU and the consumers for it.

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What Do Chicken Nuggets, Fireworks, and Billboards Have In Common?

August 1, 2016

The road is open, your wheels are spinning, and you still haven’t stopped for lunch. You are looking for a nice place to stretch your legs and save some money, but you don’t recognize any of the options. Billboards are passing left and right, but that isn’t making the decision any easier. Is it too much to ask for a Chick-Fil-A or McDonald’s around here?! How do you even know what is on the menu at these places? Enter BoardActive, an app that connects out-of-home media (like billboards for Chick-Fil-A, fireworks, realtors, etc.) to your smartphone.

BoardActive uses a geolocation technology that pulls nearby advertisements (5-25 mile radius) into the BoardActive app feed. It’s simple! Users scroll through the feed to find relevant advertisements (restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.).That is just the beginning though: after clicking on an advertisement, users instantly have access to the company’s address, phone number, website, additional media content (menus, videos, etc.), and most importantly, promotional offerings. Buy One Get One, anybody? BoardActive users will be able to research companies instantly and find sweet deals that can keep a little extra money in their wallet for the road ahead. With BoardActive, finding what you need at a bargain price within your vicinity is easier and less time-consuming than ever before.

After passing the state line (designated by the flurry of firework advertisements), you have finally spotted those famous Chick-Fil-A cows on a billboard and instantly check BoardActive, because you know that there are bound to be some chicken nuggets or Ice Dream in the mix. How do you use the promotional offering? Depending on the company, you can redeem the promotional code through the website link or the QR code that is directly displayed in the BoardActive app. Food, fireworks, real estate, outfitters, healthcare, legal consultation, jewelry, and countless other industries will be offering discounted consultations, fittings, food, and other awesome deals through BoardActive. So what are you waiting for?

As if that wasn’t enough, BoardActive is in the works of a pleasant surprise for its users, so stay tuned. Trying to stay ahead of the game? Hint: Downloading BoardActive from the App Store and Play Store grants you eligibility for this surprise.