Have you ever been driving down the road, saw an awesome billboard and instantly forgot what it said?

With BoardActive you can actually recall that billboard on your smartphone. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, foggy, you can’t read it, or if you are stuck behind a huge truck, you can look it up later or ask your passenger to save it in BoardActive. By downloading the BoardActive app, you can digitally bookmark out-of-home advertisements that are anywhere within a 5 to 25 mile radius of your smartphone.

In addition to being able to read a billboard that isn’t in front of you, BoardActive will set you up with promo codes, coupons or take you directly to the website where you can buy those amusement park tickets instantly.

BoardActive promotes safe driving. You can drop a pin in the BoardActive app and safely return to the advertisement and promotional offering when you have stopped driving. It is a one-click save option that is as simple as adjusting the radio dial.

The simple and clean app interface allows you to quickly find out-of-home advertisements, promotional offerings, and coupons that interest you. Everyone wants to make an educated purchase and you can begin your research directly from the BoardActive app. You can find the website, phone number, address or any other valuable information you are looking for with the touch of a smartphone.