BoardActive understands ad media companies traditional issues. Billboards are plagued by bad weather, overgrown shrubs, poor creative, and smartphones making them basically invisible.

With BoardActive, ad media companies are capable of expanding media messages through a digital operating system platform that utilizes geolocation technology.

You can now compile detailed analytics about the performance of ad media that will compliment traditional measurements like road traffic and potential impressions.

The BoardActive app will primarily be used by consumers to view and search ad media. This allows consumers to view what’s around them and take advantage of various promotional offerings found on the app.

By providing consumers with a single platform to explore advertisements digitally, BoardActive will bring much needed innovation to your industry that will generate additional value for ad media.

BoardActive can be used to enhance your ad media. It can easily apply to a multitude of media including billboards, bulletins, posters, junior posters, premier squares, premier panels, spectaculars, wallscapes, newsracks, transit stations, transit shelters, transit benches, airports, shopping centers, and sports arenas.

BoardActive is an easy add on sale that amplifies your ad media. When advertisers purchase BoardActive capabilities from you, you will be able to extend the value of their ad media in a number of ways. You can deliver measurable analytics based on ad clicks, combat traditional issues with a digital platform, and give advertisers a way to search for your boards.

In addition to the easy add on sale, you will have your information (Company Name, Sales Rep, etc.) located at the bottom of the media content section for ad media in the BoardActive app.

This will increase general awareness of your ad media and it will bring the billboard back.
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