We’ve put together a little video that might give you a sense of “oh yeah.” We’ve all been there, driving down the road spacing out, then glancing up at a great big billboard right as we pass it. There’s a frustrating moment where you try and remember what it said or guess at the company it was talking about. BoardActive saves you from racking your brain.

Check it out below.

You may have questions. We understand, it happens. We have laid out a step by step guide on how to use the BoardActive app. Quite frankly though we don’t know why you would ever need to use this guide. Our app is so simple and easy to use, a baby could figure it out. The simple and clean app interface allows you to quickly find out-of-home advertisements, promotional offerings, and coupons that interest you.

Cruise our FAQ’s.

This isn’t your traditional boring tech blog. Stay updated on the latest BoardActive news, out-of-home media, and exciting advertising trends. We will be sharing insights about clients’ needs, successful campaigns, and the cutting edge of out-of-home media advertising.

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