BoardActive is a Patent Pending " Sign Operating Software Platform " ( SaaS ) for Geo-Location and Time Based Advertising that connects Out-of-Home, In-Home Media, TV, & other Classic and Digital Signage to Smartphones and other Wireless devices. Our Cloud Based OS engages the Advertiser to the Consumer and brings visual advertisements and ALL types of AD SIGNAGE / BillBoards / TV Advertising ALIVE and BACK to the Consumer. This means, being SIGNED UP within BoardActive's Network, we enable : Media Buyers, Resellers, OOH, In Home, TV Networks, Ad Agencies and more. We extend value to their Advertisers and Advertisers creative campaigns to Classic / Digital Signs, Commercials, Real Estate, Sports Teams - from PROs, College, High School, and Youth teams - BillBoards, and other Static or Traditional Sign Media to extend advertisements to viewers on many devices. Advertiser's are now invited to SIGNUP within our Network to Extend their own Advertisements to the Consumer through our Platform without media referral placements also.

Now an important fact. We don't change the face look of the Billboard / Sign / TV Commercial, we empower the Advertiser through our Patent Pending Software so they may extend their Ad Campaign reach. We now make Clicking on A Sign, BillBoard, or any type visual Advertisement possible! Consumer users can now act instantly on advertisers campaigns interactively, and see changeable promotions, specials, coupons as well as call, map business location, see websites, do Video Marketing, and much more with a simple tap. You don’t have to try and remember what the ADvertisement said or where the ADvertiser is located. An Advertiser can now really meet the Consumer - Socially, Instantly, and Interactively.

The advertiser can associate additional content with the creative AD campaign that has been uploaded into our Patent Pending Cloud based Business to Business and Consumer Software Platform. BoardActive simplifies and enhances the communication process between Advertisers and Consumers instantly, so that both parties can efficiently interact. With our Software License Branding agreements, Advertisers can Embed our software into their existing APPS without needing ours, and Brands can Private Label and use us as if it was their own Brand Software Platform.

Users of BoardActive can continuously interact with advertisements and begin researching products and services directly from our consumer connected Modem, Beacon, iPhone, or Android solutions. Our enhanced Analytics / Data and iBeacon / Modem technologies enable media resellers and AD company advertisers to actually see useage real tracking numbers via our back office portal. Now With Apple Carplay© evolving, oh how the future possibilities with BoardActive are endless.

BoardActive has given to consumers a simple touch button feature - similar to a radio station button in a car ( tap a pin ) or ( Voice Prompt coming soon) within BoardActive. When you need more info or would like to interact with the Advertiser, simply return to the Advertisement and or promotional offering you bookmarked later and get instant gratification, what the AD said, where they are located, and so much more. Advertisers constantly are able to stay in touch with the Consumer, and that's our focus! - Get Active, Get BoardActive!

"BoardActive will become THE BACKBONE for the Digital Industry with everyone else piggybacking your Marketing Platform for all of the OOH, IN HOME, TV Media, and Digital Signage Industry players." - Intel Engineering Executive - May 2017

Out of Home / In Home Media

We work with you to take advertising campaigns to the next level. BoardActive provides OOH / In Home media companies ? TV Networks with a single platform to explore and expand advertising. Our technology complements media companies and helps override traditional and interactive problems that arise.



Are you ready to take your campaign one step further? BoardActive provides for you a consumer single platform to explore OOH / IH Home and other Digital advertisements in one central location. Advertisers now have a platform that allows consumers to take instant action and allow interactive results on their advertising campaigns.



Never forget an Advertisement again. BoardActive is the answer of : What did it say, Where is it at, What did it mean, & I want it now....and more! BoardActive saves you money, time, and effort for Brands you desire and savings you want. By utilizing the geolocation system of your smartphone, BoardActive allows you to never miss out on the offers and promotions - nor the BUSINESS